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Vox in Rama - Within The Womb

The front-man from JAKUZİ Kutay Soyocak’s new black metal project Vox in Rama released their first single produced by Erhan Kabakçı, which will be followed with an EP.  


Getting their name from the letter which Pop Gregory IX issued declaring cats as instruments of Satan, and set Medieval Europe on a great cat purge resulting the Black Plague.

 With their debut single, which is a crossover between 90’s atmospheric black metal and thrash, Vox in Rama are planning a live shows as soon as the pandemic is under control.

Vox in Rama - Coverart.jpg

Artwork: zez_eah - Bigbaboli Prints
Producer : Erhan Kabakçı
Lyrics & Music : Kutay Soyocak
Arrangement: Erhan Kabakçı
Recording - Mix -Mastering : Erhan Kabakçı
- Studio Jam Session

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2021

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