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Indie rock band Yabancılar from Istanbul was founded in 2017. The single "O Gece" is a turning point for Yabancılar, as this song heralds a long album! ​ ​


"O Gece", one of the most trusted songs of the album, is presented to you with it's deep story. This song, which Yabancılar asked us to leave the subject open and to think about the events internally in the mind of the listener, was released on July 1, 2022. ​ ​


"We prepared all the songs in the album as a story and "O Gece" is a song about how the story started. Although the song is very energetic and dynamic, it's lyrics are just as sad. Maybe it's the song we've been thinking about the most since our founding.

Vocals: Umut Arda Doğan
Lead Guitar & Back Vocals: Ömer Aşgın
Guitar & Backing Vocals: Fikret Cansın Yurdakul
Guest Guitar: Deniz Yurtdaş
Bass Guitar : Eren Deksiz
Drums: Cey Özer
Lyrics: Umut Arda
Music: Yabancılar
Mix, Master: Dizzy Sounds, Deniz Yurtdaş
Cover: Eda Yılmaz

Tamar Records 
℗ & © 2022

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