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Established and formed in December 2019, “Yangın” (Fire) takes its name from life’s unpredictable, astonishing and disorderly nature, just like a fire. A fire, is like an uprising of the flames that has been used by humanity for centuries to obtain heat and light.

The band’s second single "Geri" adresses the milestones people experience in their lives and the introversions they bring with them. This period between imagination and reality ends at a point unsolved.





Lyrics: Theo Kaya

Music: Yangın


Vocals: Theo Kaya

Synth & Guitar: Bora Yavrucuk

Guitar: Efe Sanlav

Bass: Sarp Taha Gürkan

Drums: Yağız Nevzat İpek


Producer: Yangın & Can Tan

Recording: Can Tan & Ozan Arslan

Studio: 10/10 Records

Mix & Mastering: Ozan Çanak

Cover Photo & Design: Burak Şimşek

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2021

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