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Established and formed in December 2019, “Yangın” (Fire) takes its name from life’s unpredictable, astonishing and disorderly nature, just like a fire. A fire, is like an uprising of the flames that has been used by humanity for centuries to obtain heat and light.

The band’s first single “Sen” (You), explains a person’s need to get out of a non working, and therefore dying relationship of any kind with a person they deeply care about and feel for, just to preserve the strong emotions they felt for them, when the necessary and inevitable time comes.

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Lyrics & Music: Yangın


Vocals: Theo Kaya

Synth & Guitar: Bora Yavrucuk

Guitar: Efe Sanlav

Bass: Sarp Taha Gürkan

Drums: Yağız Nevzat İpek

Back Vocals: Özge Fışkın


Producer: Yangın & Can Tan

Recording: Can Tan & Ozan Arslan

Studio: 10/10 Records

Mix & Mastering: Ozan Çanak

Cover Photo & Design: Burak Şimşek

Tamar Records ℗ & © 2021

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